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Alaska City Name List

This is the list of Cities in Alaska. The zip code, county and city are displayed in the list. You can click the City Name to get 5-digit zip code and 5-digit plus 4 zip code.

The primary city name as designated by the United States Postal Service. The USPS designates cities in all uppercase (ie. NEW YORK). The Post Office “city” name associated with a particular ZIP Code in the mailing address for a residence may differ from the legal municipality or district in which the housing unit is actually located.

CountyCityZIP Code
Aleutians West Census AreaADAK99546
Kodiak Island BoroughAKHIOK99615
Bethel Census AreaAKIACHAK99551
Bethel Census AreaAKIAK99552
Aleutians East BoroughAKUTAN99553
Kusilvak Census AreaALAKANUK99554
Dillingham Census AreaALEKNAGIK99555
Yukon-Koyukuk Census AreaALLAKAKET99720
Northwest Arctic BoroughAMBLER99786
North Slope BoroughANAKTUVUK PASS99721
Kenai Peninsula BoroughANCHOR POINT99556
Anchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99501
Denali BoroughANDERSON99744
Hoonah-Angoon Census AreaANGOON99820
Bethel Census AreaANIAK99557
Yukon-Koyukuk Census AreaANVIK99558
Yukon-Koyukuk Census AreaARCTIC VILLAGE99722
Aleutians West Census AreaATKA99547
Bethel Census AreaATMAUTLUAK99559
North Slope BoroughATQASUK99791
Juneau City and BoroughAUKE BAY99821
North Slope BoroughBARROW99723
Yukon-Koyukuk Census AreaBEAVER99724
Bethel Census AreaBETHEL99559
Yukon-Koyukuk Census AreaBETTLES FIELD99726
Matanuska-Susitna BoroughBIG LAKE99652
Anchorage MunicipalityBIRD CREEK99540
Nome Census AreaBREVIG MISSION99785
Northwest Arctic BoroughBUCKLAND99727
Denali BoroughCANTWELL99729
Yukon-Koyukuk Census AreaCENTRAL99730
Yukon-Koyukuk Census AreaCHALKYITSIK99788
Bethel Census AreaCHEFORNAK99561
Chugach Census AreaCHENEGA BAY99574
Kusilvak Census AreaCHEVAK99563
Matanuska-Susitna BoroughCHICKALOON99674
Southeast Fairbanks Census AreaCHICKEN99732
Lake and Peninsula BoroughCHIGNIK99564
Lake and Peninsula BoroughCHIGNIK LAGOON99565
Lake and Peninsula BoroughCHIGNIK LAKE99548
Kodiak Island BoroughCHINIAK99615
Copper River Census AreaCHITINA99566
Bethel Census AreaCHUATHBALUK99557
Anchorage MunicipalityCHUGIAK99567
Yukon-Koyukuk Census AreaCIRCLE99733
Kenai Peninsula BoroughCLAM GULCH99568
Dillingham Census AreaCLARKS POINT99569
Denali BoroughCLEAR99704
Prince of Wales-Hyder Census AreaCOFFMAN COVE99918
Aleutians East BoroughCOLD BAY99571
Fairbanks North Star BoroughCOLDFOOT99701
Kenai Peninsula BoroughCOOPER LANDING99572
Copper River Census AreaCOPPER CENTER99573
Chugach Census AreaCORDOVA99574
Prince of Wales-Hyder Census AreaCRAIG99921
Bethel Census AreaCROOKED CREEK99575
Northwest Arctic BoroughDEERING99736
Southeast Fairbanks Census AreaDELTA JUNCTION99737
Dillingham Census AreaDILLINGHAM99576
Southeast Fairbanks Census AreaDOT LAKE99737
Juneau City and BoroughDOUGLAS99824
Aleutians West Census AreaDUTCH HARBOR99692
Southeast Fairbanks Census AreaEAGLE99738
Anchorage MunicipalityEAGLE RIVER99577
Ketchikan Gateway BoroughEDNA BAY99901
Bethel Census AreaEEK99578
Lake and Peninsula BoroughEGEGIK99579
Fairbanks North Star BoroughEIELSON AFB99702
Dillingham Census AreaEKWOK99580
Hoonah-Angoon Census AreaELFIN COVE99825
Nome Census AreaELIM99739
Kusilvak Census AreaEMMONAK99581
Fairbanks North Star BoroughESTER99725
Fairbanks North Star BoroughFAIRBANKS99701
Aleutians East BoroughFALSE PASS99583
Southeast Fairbanks Census AreaFORT GREELY99731
Fairbanks North Star BoroughFORT WAINWRIGHT99703
Yukon-Koyukuk Census AreaFORT YUKON99740
Kenai Peninsula BoroughFRITZ CREEK99603