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Alaska ZIP Code List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in Alaska. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detailed information.

Alaska has a total number of 117,841 ZIP Codes, and the first three digits range from 995-999. Not all the five-digit numbers in the range are assigned as ZIP Codes, in other words, there is some number that is not assigned.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99501
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99502
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99503
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99504
AKAnchorage MunicipalityJBER99505
AKAnchorage MunicipalityJBER99506
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99507
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99508
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99509
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99510
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99511
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99513
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99514
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99515
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99516
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99517
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99518
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99519
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99520
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99521
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99522
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99523
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99524
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99529
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99530
AKAnchorage MunicipalityBIRD CREEK99540
AKBethel Census AreaKONGIGANAK99545
AKAleutians West Census AreaADAK99546
AKAleutians West Census AreaATKA99547
AKLake and Peninsula BoroughCHIGNIK LAKE99548
AKLake and Peninsula BoroughPORT HEIDEN99549
AKKodiak Island BoroughPORT LIONS99550
AKBethel Census AreaAKIACHAK99551
AKBethel Census AreaAKIAK99552
AKAleutians East BoroughAKUTAN99553
AKKusilvak Census AreaALAKANUK99554
AKDillingham Census AreaALEKNAGIK99555
AKKenai Peninsula BoroughANCHOR POINT99556
AKBethel Census AreaANIAK99557
AKYukon-Koyukuk Census AreaANVIK99558
AKBethel Census AreaATMAUTLUAK99559
AKBethel Census AreaCHEFORNAK99561
AKKusilvak Census AreaCHEVAK99563
AKLake and Peninsula BoroughCHIGNIK99564
AKLake and Peninsula BoroughCHIGNIK LAGOON99565
AKCopper River Census AreaCHITINA99566
AKAnchorage MunicipalityCHUGIAK99567
AKKenai Peninsula BoroughCLAM GULCH99568
AKDillingham Census AreaCLARKS POINT99569
AKAleutians East BoroughCOLD BAY99571
AKKenai Peninsula BoroughCOOPER LANDING99572
AKCopper River Census AreaCOPPER CENTER99573
AKChugach Census AreaCHENEGA BAY99574
AKBethel Census AreaCROOKED CREEK99575
AKDillingham Census AreaDILLINGHAM99576
AKAnchorage MunicipalityEAGLE RIVER99577
AKBethel Census AreaEEK99578
AKLake and Peninsula BoroughEGEGIK99579
AKDillingham Census AreaEKWOK99580
AKKusilvak Census AreaEMMONAK99581
AKAleutians East BoroughFALSE PASS99583
AKKusilvak Census AreaMARSHALL99585
AKCopper River Census AreaGAKONA99586
AKAnchorage MunicipalityGIRDWOOD99587
AKCopper River Census AreaGLENNALLEN99588
AKBethel Census AreaGOODNEWS BAY99589
AKYukon-Koyukuk Census AreaGRAYLING99590
AKAleutians West Census AreaSAINT GEORGE ISLAND99591
AKAnchorage MunicipalityANCHORAGE99599
AKYukon-Koyukuk Census AreaHOLY CROSS99602
AKKenai Peninsula BoroughFRITZ CREEK99603
AKKusilvak Census AreaHOOPER BAY99604
AKKenai Peninsula BoroughHOPE99605
AKLake and Peninsula BoroughILIAMNA99606
AKBethel Census AreaKALSKAG99607
AKKodiak Island BoroughKARLUK99608
AKBethel Census AreaKASIGLUK99609
AKKenai Peninsula BoroughKASILOF99610
AKKenai Peninsula BoroughKENAI99611
AKAleutians East BoroughKING COVE99612